“Coach Kat Rocks!!! We need more folks like her for our school programs. With today’s world of video games and couch surfing, Coach Kat’s after school programs provide a fun, safe environment where kids can play, learn teamwork, sportsmanship and have a lot of fun. My son Aiden has taken Flag Football, Basketball and Soccer and always wants to sign up!!!”

– Greg Fox

“Coach Kat is a gem! She has worked extremely hard with my son Jay on not just how to play Flag Football and Basketball, but on how to be part of a team and have good sportsmanship. Coach Kat is very available to help and is an extremely positive role model for Jay. I could not thank her enough for her time, dedication and love she devotes to all the kids.”

– Deana Pass

“My son Henry has thoroughly enjoyed his experience with Coach Kat and has participated in most all the sports. I often stay to watch and Coach Kat is amazing with all the kids. It can be quite challenging to keep the attention of elementary school children, especially after a full day of school, but Coach Kat has the right amount of energy and attitude to teach the children valuable skills in a very positive way. It has been great to watch them learn and grow.”

– Sarah Goncalves

“Coach Kat has been an amazing coach for my son! He has played basketball with her and enjoyed his after school program very much. Kat is knowledgeable, patient, energetic, and positive. We hope to have her as a coach again in the future :)”

– Carina and Taschen

“Coach Kat is fantastic! She is so energetic and patient with all the kids she teaches at our school. Our son has taken Basketball, Baseball, Flag Football, Track and Field, & Soccer with Coach Kat and just loves her.”

– Erik Hillestad

“My son LOVES 4 Love of the Game, and looks forward to his class every week! He has tried almost all the sports they have to offer, and loves them all! Coach Kat is great!”

– Tara Celkis

Our son is a huge fan of Coach Kat, as are we. Coach Kat has given our son the tools he needs to build confidence and sportsmanship & has inspired a true love of the game by teaching him the skills he needs to not only understand the game but to also possess the self esteem that motivates him to give his best and to continually push himself. Thank you!”

– Kristen and Chris Greulach

“Kathie Gude trains the children in more than physical fitness. Sports’ training involves learning to work with others, enjoying their successes, and sharing one’s achievements. As well as, gaining the etiquette of the playing field: following directions, waiting one’s turn, playing fair, and taking pride in one’s contribution is part of a well-rounded person’s repertoire of skills. My children’s muscle tone and coordination have improved since they began training with “Coach Kat.” Kathie Gude is a respected professional with a warm demeanor and an encouraging, supportive attitude toward children. My kids really enjoy their exercise time and have grown in many ways from the experience. We plan on taking as many of the classes offered, as each one offers physical, ethical, and social learning opportunities. Thank you, Kat for offering such an excellent selection of classes and highlighting the best in our children!”

– Cari Kolb

“Coach Kat and Coach David gave our son the courage to try-out for his school’s 5th grade basketball team. He had the skills, the knowledge and the confidence as a result of their encouragement and instruction.”

– Julie Platt

“Coach Kat is extremely energetic and eager to work with the kids!!”

– Evana Bral

“4 Love of the Game Sports is what has turned me into the athlete I am today. I never touched a soccer ball before I started 4 Love, and now, I’m able to play just about every position on the field. Coach Kat has shown me how to be a true athlete and a passionate one as well. I love going to practice each week, and can’t wait for the games. Each athlete bonds with their teammates and also members of the other teams. The fabulous coaches instruct the athletes with such patience, no matter how long it takes to learn a trick, they train you until you get it right. I LOVE 4 Love of the Game!”

– Rivkah Rahmani

“Through the dedication and coaching of Kat Gude and Adam Browner, I have gained a sense of discipline and motivation to push myself to the best of my abilities. Whether training for a half marathon or a soccer game my coaches have encouraged me to aim high and achieve the results I want. They have placed within me a love and admiration for sports as well as the proper methods on how to achieve my athletic goals.“

– Judith Frankiel

“4 Love of the Game Sports gave me the perfect sports experience. The coaches were talented and the skills I acquired will be with me whenever I am on a soccer field, but moreover the intramural nature allowed a healthy competition without taking the win too seriously. It was all about building a relationship with your team, giving it your all, and having a blast, whether you win or lose. I always looked forward to Sunday mornings to get out there and play.”

– Malky Weil

“Thank you for the superb coaching you gave to our daughter, Sara Gross. Beyond the technical aspects of her two sports, you imparted a love of exercise and fitness to your students. Lessons which we hope will last a lifetime.”

– Clark & Wendy Gross

“My daughter loved every one of Coach Kat’s programs! Kat has a way of making sports fun for all of the kids. They learn the skills, but more importantly, they learn good sportsmanship and how to strive to do their best.”

– Laurie Levenson

“I have been a massage client of Kathie for more than 10 years. She is an accomplished therapist, and her attention to detail with regard to musculoskeletal need is excellent. I value her comprehensive approach to deep muscle tissue massage therapy and would recommend her quality services to anyone from an athlete to a couch potato. All will benefit.”

– Gary Meisels