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4 Love of the Game Sports was created for people of all ages and levels. We are a Results driven company in that we cater to meet each and everyone’s personal fitness goals whether it is through a sport-specific training session in basketball, a soccer clinic, a group yoga class, or even an individualized fitness training program to lose weight. There is something for everyone! We strive and hope to have a life changing impact on each person we come across. It is our mission to approach each client’s goals and aspirations through tactics which are comprehensive in nature. Each coach and/or fitness trainer customizes an individual sport and/or fitness program which is tailorized for success.

Our coaching and fitness staff is encompassed with a wide variety of skilled and competent group of people. I take special care in hiring each and everyone who becomes part of the team. Each coach needs to have years experience playing their sport as well as coaching it at some level. From there, I coordinate with each coach the fundamentals and specific skills to be accomplished in each training session. Again, we customize each program according to the individual’s goals and needs. We do offer sports-specific training in soccer, basketball, volleyball, football, baseball, cross country, track and field, golf, tennis, la crosse, swimming, yoga, dance, self-defense, kickboxing, boxing, Jui-jitsu, snowboarding/skiing, surfing, and wakeboarding.

Each fitness instructor hired has to be certified by an accredited institution. Personally, I am certified under NASM and choose to follow their Optimum Physical Training Model also known as the OPT model. It follows a systematic approach to training in which it allows for proper and safe progression toward individual goals, needs, and abilities. Forms of exercise include flexibility, cardio respiratory, core, balance, and reactive training, speed, agility and quickness, and resistance training.


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